FOMWAN youths joined the world to celebrate the International Day Of The Girl Child on the 11th of October, 2022.


Lagos State FOMWAN Youths

In commemoration of Year 2022 International day of the Girl-Child, FOMWAN Lagos youths in six local government areas lectured pupils and students in various locations in the State on Career counselling and guidance, challenges faced by girl child and health education. Total number of participants is 1120. Also, to mark the day, Olubukola Fowowe memorial center (motherless home and orphanage center) was visited with different gift items.

Kwara State FOMWAN Youths

Kwara State Youths joined the State Government to commemorate the International Day of the Girl child with lectures on gender based violence delivered by B.M. Oladimeji, HOC Federal Ministry of Information and Culture. Lecture on the importance of the Girl child was delivered by Madam Christy Oluwole of GLOWOC. Ten Youths and ten schools participated. The wives of the 16 LGA. Chairmen also attended the event.

Plateau State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Plateau Youths celebration of the International Girl Child was hosted by the wife of the chairman Jos North. Six Schools were in attendance; Simple Standard School, FOMWAN Private School, School for Higher Islamic studies, Al-Ummah Academy Destiny High School and Sahalan School of Technology. and some organizations; COWAM, MSO, Girls Guide, NACOMYO. Lectures were delivered on ‘Self Defence During Sexual Harassment’ and ‘Personal Hygiene during Menstrual Periods’. Visits were paid to hospitals and an orphanage. The sick were also visited and learning facilities were donated to schools.

Gombe State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Gombe State Youths marked the International Day of the Girl child with visits to various Secondary Schools and distributed Sanitary Pads. Lectures on hygiene and demonstration on how to use sanitary pad in the local dialogue for easy communication.

Oyo State FOMWAN Youths

To celebrate the 2022 International Day of the Girl Child FOMWAN in collaboration with a number of NGOs under the auspices of Child Protection Network Oyo State visited Isabatudeen Girls Grammar School 1 & 2 to mark the day with the students. The students were lectured on the danger and effect of Female Genital Mutilation on the Girl Child and cautioned the students to be on look out for perpetrators of such act in and around their neighborhood. They were also enlightened on their rights in relation to Gender Based Violence and the effects of street hawking. A total of 724 students from Isabatudeen Girls Grammar 1 were reached with 54 teachers, 6 corp members and 2 students. While a total of 834 students from Isabatudeen Girls Grammar School 2 with 56 teachers, 5 corp members school were reached.

Kaduna State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Kaduna State Youths organized an Instagram discussion on the theme where 26 people participated and 41 other people viewed their profile during the session.

Ogun State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Ogun State Youths celebrated the year International day of Girl Child with NAWAR-UR-DEEN PRIMARY SCHOOL, Oke-Ijeun, Abeokuta with Parents and Teachers. The Theme: IT IS OUR TIME, OUR RIGHT IS OUR FUTURE. The State Amirah, Alhaja Jinadu Zainab implored the parents to take good care of Girl Child on Gender Based Violence, on physical violence, raping hawking during school during school hours for the betterment of their future. FOMWAN exercise books were distributed to students.

Bauchi State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Bauchi State Youths celebrated the international day of Girl child with lecture on menstruation.

Osun State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Osun State Youths marked the International Girl Child Day at the by FOMWAN Osun State Secretariat with lectures, recitation from the Glorious Qur’an and admonition from the State Amirah on the importance of dressing moderately.

Ondo State FOMWAN Youths

Ondo state FOMWAN Youths celebrated the International Day of the Girl-Child in two schools; ANSARUL ISLAM primary school and FOMWAN Intellectual Secondary School (FISSO). At FOMWAN school the day was celebrated at FOMWAN multipurpose hall Okitipupa with the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Chairperson of the Local government, staff of the school and Chairperson of the FOMWAN Youth Committee. At both events, the youths were advised to make the best use of their time. presentation were made on the Theme, Our time is now: Our right our future by the Chairperson of Education committee. Highlights include gifts presentation to the participant, questions and answers sessions and meaningful contributions from the youth present at the occasion.

Edo State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Edo State Youths joined students and pupils of FOMWAN Schools to celebrate the International Day of the Girl child in collaboration with International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA).
In attendance was the State Amirah, National Youth Chairperson, state P.R.O and two teachers of FOMWAN Schools.
Students from other schools were also in attendance.

The Theme: “OUR TIME IS NOW; OUR RIGHT, OUR FUTURE” was discussed with the speakers stressing that its time for the girl child to break away from the shackles of ignorance and all the negative things that stunts her growth. The need to ensure that she is educated and protected from all forms of violence was also stressed.

Delta State FOMWAN Youths

FOMWAN Delta State Youths celebrated the international day of Girl Child with lectures. 40 youths and 28 mothers that graced the occasion. The mothers advised the youths on good conduct.