The Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN) has called on all relevant Muslim and International organizations to extend support and aid to Syria and Turkey following the devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of at least 40,000 people.

During their condolence visit to the Syrian and Turkish embassies in Abuja, FOMWAN’s National Amirah, Alhaja Rafi’ah Idowu Sanni, expressed deep sadness over the loss of lives and prayed for Allah to forgive the victims, heal the wounded, and put an end to the calamity in the affected regions and the world at large.

In addition to offering their condolences, FOMWAN also appealed for support and aid to be extended to the affected communities in Syria and Turkey. The organization’s call for assistance highlights the urgent need for immediate action and solidarity among Muslim and international organizations.

FOMWAN’s initiative also serves as a reminder of the importance of standing together as a global community to support one another in times of crisis. With many people still missing and rescue operations ongoing, it is crucial that aid and assistance be extended to the affected regions as soon as possible.